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Marketing is not a bad word.

Hey there, fellow introverted portrait photographer! Welcome to The Heartfelt Hustle Revolution, where we redefine photography marketing through innovative automation and a commitment to authenticity.

Mental health

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to inspire introverted portrait photographers to excel through heartfelt marketing automation, fostering a culture where success aligns with authenticity and ethical principles.


Vision Statement:

Imagine a world where your photography business thrives effortlessly, where your marketing is not just efficient but genuine, reflecting your values. That's the Heartfelt Hustle Revolution.

Our programs are for you if you relate to any of these...


Overwhelm with
Marketing Tasks

Are you spending more time juggling marketing demands than capturing moments behind your lens?

Painful challenges

Fear of Being
Pushy or Salesy

Do you hesitate to market your photography business, fearing that it might come off as too sales-oriented or pushy?


Limited Resources
for Content Creation

Are you struggling to consistently create engaging content due to resource constraints, hindering your online presence and client reach?

Upcoming programs

February 04, 2024 - Online

Building a website that gets clients: For Beginners

More Information
March 03, 2024

How to Generate Leads and Nurture Them Without Feeling Overwhelmed

More Information
Coming Soon

Navigating Social Media Marketing as an Introverted Photographer

Coming Soon

Understanding the connection between physical and mental health

Coming Soon

Branding 101

Coming Soon

Leveraging Technology for Marketing Success

Coming Soon

How to Streamline Your Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide for Busy Portrait Photographers

Coming Soon

Innovative Marketing Strategies for Introverted Photographers

Heartfelt Hustle Coaching program

Steph Diltz

Amber has helped me build my business with her creative strategies. She is very professional, efficient and a superb human. I highly recommend looking to Amber do all your marketing needs. My website traffic was minimal and sporadic until I hired Amber. She is a true wizard at her craft.

Guy Hawkins
Marketing Strategist / Amber Hasenfplug

Jen Westby

Amber has been a huge asset to our company... She’s fluent at supporting ideas and giving grounded and solid advice where it is needed.
She has singlehandedly given direction and has brought me to my funnel to find the right people who become clients or customers.

If you don’t have Amber in your corner, you’re missing out on growth, opportunities and income.

Robert Fox
Marketing Strategist / Amber Hasenfplug

Annette Shiley

I've been working with Amber to develop a smart email marketing strategy with quality items of value for potential clients. Her work style resonates with me because she does not offer one-size fits-all cookie cutter solutions.

On top of designing a great email campaign for my business, encouraging me to make my first product video drafts, and designing an amazing download item for my potential clients, she teaches me so much about what I can do, each time we connect!

Marketing Strategist / Amber Hasenfplug

Brittany C

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to take that leap of faith. Do it! You wont regret it.

Marketing Strategist / Amber Hasenfplug

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